There were 33,091 opioid overdoses in the US in 2015.
We have been counting bodies only.
Now we can track overdose incidence realtime.
Yesterdays newspaper is irrelevant to today's events.

In the course of history many more people have died for their drink and their dope
than have died for their religion or their country.

~ Aldous Huxley

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Overdose Warning Network DEMO Site

We put up the Overdose Data Demo site so that our users in the contemplative state could take the OWN App for a test drive.

There are two parts to this APP. 

  1. Incident Reporting  
  2. Report Generation

Incident Reporting:

The Incident Reporting section is a straight forward form for collecting data in a uniform fashion. It is, obviously, Free as the intent of this site is to collect as much data as possible so that reports will be statistically significant. This data is entered by First Responders at the site of the overdose event. We use drop down boxes for most of the fields on data collection form which keeps the data unifom in reporting. Several fields require minimal typing. It is extremely important to complete all the fields in the form to get meaningful data for reporting.

Click here for Add/Report An Opioid Overdose Incident Training Video


There are five different report subscription levels. The revenues derived from paid subscription are used primarily to enhance the functionality of the site and to sustain its operation. See below for reporting features for each subscription level.

Click Here for Creating Reports Training Video



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Note: The links provided below are for the demo site only.  While we are upgrading the MAP page to incorporate the geolocation feature, the MAP feature will only be available with a browser. We have not enabled SSL on the demo site which is required for the geolocation feature to work with iPhone, Android and other smart devices.


 URL:  Login

 User Name: Free

 Password: Free1234


 URL:  Login

 User Name: Silver

 Password: Silver1234


 URL:  Login

 User Name: Gold

 Password: Gold1234


 URL:  Login

 User Name: Diamond

 Password: Diamond1234

Report Data Comparison Table by Level

City  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
State      Yes  Yes
County        Yes
 Zipcode        Yes
 Age   Yes   Yes  Yes
 Gender   Yes  Yes  Yes
 Race    Yes   Yes  Yes
 Primary Substance  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Secondary Substance(s)   Yes Yes Yes
* Intervention Type   Yes Yes Yes
 Intervention Outcome   Yes Yes  Yes 
* Provider Type   Yes   Yes Yes 
* Push Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes

Features listed in red will be released by early February

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